Roman Bath-house in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter: The Video

The IAA recently announced the discovery, in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, of a pool connected with a Roman military bath-house of the 10th Legion. Like so many such press releases (which are often deliberately vague as to location) it left me wondering where exactly this site was. Well, a friend and colleague of mine was curious as well and did some detective work, contacting a source in the Jewish Quarter, and received the following information:

The site of the former Roman bath is currently a construction site with no entrance to visitors. You can walk by on HaOmer Street and see the building which houses it on the left [west] side of the road, when coming [north] from HaUgav Street. If you are lucky, you’ll see someone on site who can sneak you in!!

OK, you’d need a very detailed street map of the Old City to find this, and you probably can’t get in anyway, but there it is. As a consolation prize, here’s a nice *video tour of the site, along with the story as reported by the Jerusalem Post. For all of this, I am indebted to Dr. Urban C. “Cam” von Wahlde of Loyola University’s Dept. of Theology, who has been known to frequent the Ecole Biblique and enlist me for the odd ramble around Jerusalem.

* The above link goes to the J-Post story on-line. The video has either disappeared or is now accessible only as “premium content”. (tp/10 DEC 2012)

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3 Responses to Roman Bath-house in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter: The Video

  1. Tom Powers says:

    I now realize the video is “old news” (from November). Oh, well…

  2. Joseph I. Lauer says:

    Although this may not add much to the information already given, the IAA’s release that was circulated to the press on November 22, 2010 indicated that the excavation site was at 6 Ha-Omer Street in the Jewish Quarter, and gave the following directions from the Hurva Synagogue: go to Bonei Ha-Homa Street and from there to Ha-Ugav Street which leads to Ha-Omer Street.

    • Tom Powers says:

      Joe: OK, thanks. I was ready to take back what I said about IAA releases, but I just had a look at the November release on this and I do not see the location given — I wonder if they removed the information, maybe because of pesky rubberneckers (like me)? Or do registered media types perhaps get a special version of the release? In any event, for the past 2 years at least I’ve been unable most of the time to get into the IAA web-site at all, via the connectiion where I live — and now all of a sudden it’s back (at least for the moment)… Shazzam! By the way, thanks for your subscription — I hope to supply something of interest, at least once in a while. (tp)

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