“Jerusalem” — Coming Soon to a Theater Near You (hopefully)

Here’s an update to a previous post of mine a couple of years ago. The “Jerusalem” IMAX/3D movie, now under the National Geographic banner, is slated for initial release in September 2013, to be shown in museums, science centers and similar venues with the facilities to do it justice.

I have not seen the entire film, but the trailers feature some of the most striking footage of this land I’ve ever encountered. (Another National Geographic video offering on Jerusalem, from several years ago now, is “Within These Walls” — well worth getting ahold of.)

Here’s a link to the official web-site, which adds a new (but shorter) official trailer:


Jerusalem Movie trailer

Here are the locations where you can see the movie in the coming months (but check the above site for updates)

Theater Name City Release Date
Museum of Science
Boston, MA
September, 2013
Discovery Place
Charlotte, NC
September, 2013
IMAX® Theater at the Palisades
West Nyack, NY
September, 2013
Cradle of Aviation
Garden City, NY
September, 2013
Pacific Science Center
Seattle, WA
September, 2013
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MO
October, 2013
Science Spectrum
Lubbock, TX
October, 2013
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston, TX
October, 2013
Hastings Museum
Hastings, NE
November, 2013
Putnam Museum
Davenport, IA
November, 2013
BFI IMAX® Cinema
London, UK
January, 2014
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2 Responses to “Jerusalem” — Coming Soon to a Theater Near You (hopefully)

  1. carolecohen says:

    It’s already an obsession – I’ve watched the trailer three times. Not yet scheduled for our IMAX in CLE already tweeted the Sci Center to see what they can do. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Aerials !

  2. Outremer says:

    Having already devoted two posts to this film, first during the early stages of production — early on they had received time-limited permissions for the aerial filming — and then just before its official 2013 release, I will simply say that I have just now (JAN 2018) seen the completed movie for the first time, on DVD from my local library. I hope to see it someday in the IMAX/3D format in which it was filmed, but for now my humble laptop has had to suffice.

    The creators of this film have done an amazing job, and the product of their work is well worth your time. Whether you are deeply invested in the place (as I am) or merely curious, I’d wager that you will find something new and engaging in the movie, and learn a few things you never knew..

    Although the film is completely non-political, for me it could serve as effective promotion for a very old idea: placing this city, undeniably holy to the three great monotheistic faiths, under some form of international control, just as the world community, speaking through the United Nations, intended so many years ago. I know, it’s a dream, still…

    At the above link, you can find info on theatrical showings and on-demand viewing on-line. Also, someone (probably completely illegally) has managed to upload the film to YouTube. If you get ahold of the DVD, have a look at the included background features– all very interesting

    TOM POWERS / Waynesville, NC

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