5,000 Years of Jerusalem History–in Under 3 Minutes | VIDEO

OK, so there are a few gaps, and it’s a little short on details in places… BUT how would you do if presented with the same challenge? What would you include? More importantly, perhaps: What would you leave out?

This little animated story is offered by the Emek Shaveh organization, whose goal has always been to counter the abuse of historical narrative, and especially of archaeology, in the service of exclusionary, nationalistic ends. (Their website is a trove of useful resources, and the educational bus/walking tours they conduct in/around Jerusalem (for a donation) are well worth connecting with.)

So, the message of the little film is simple: that Jerusalem today is — and should be — the product and reflection of all the cultures and peoples that, throughout history, have contributed to its rich and colorful mosaic.

When I used to guide people in Jerusalem, one of my favorite nuggets of wisdom about the place consisted of just three words: Everybody came here!” (and they still do) — and this short cartoon resonates with the same theme.

There are bits of humor along the way and a few sight-gags (does your smart-phone display Canaanite script?!), and those who know Jerusalem will recognize a few familiar places as backdrops. Enjoy, and reflect…

[CLICK below for VIDEO]

Jerusalem History animation


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