VIDEO | “Who Is My Neighbor?” — How Compassion Plays Out in the Land of the Bible

Crises like the coronavirus pandemic tend to lay bare the fault-lines within human societies — sometimes fractures normally hidden just beneath the surface but just as often gaping chasms that should have been unmistakable to anyone paying attention. It’s certainly proven so in America, and is no less true in Israel-Palestine.

This post points to an important story, published online just today. But the title is all mine, referring obviously to Jesus’ parable in Luke 10. If it sounds a bit snarky, it’s intended to spur thought about the modern nation-state of Israel — and whether that entity actually possesses the kinds of values and intentions that so many observers like to ascribe to it.

Here is a discussion with Ramallah-based physician and Palestinian Parliament member Dr. Mustafa Barghouti (12 minutes), conducted by the alternative news outlet Democracy Now! It’s worth a watch (even if you find the message — reminders, really — unsettling)…

UPDATE / 03 FEB 2021

UPDATE / 04 FEB 2021

In Gaza, Pandemic Forces Tough Choices And Health Care System Hangs By A Thread

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