Kill the Messenger: Why Israel Labels Human Rights NGOs as “Terrorists”

Youseff Munayeer, a non-resident fellow at the Arab Center Washington, recently published an essay in the journal Foreign Policy entitled “The Long Arm of Israeli Repression”. Echoing similar analysis from numerous other media outlets, he deals with Israel’s recent decision to designate several human rights groups as “terrorist” organizations, putting it in league with the world’s other most repressive regimes. Munayeer writes, in part:

Ensuring that European and North American decision-makers hear less and less about Israel’s human rights violations has always been the repression network’s overarching goal. […]

It doesn’t matter if the allegations are entirely bogus, the point is to put human rights defenders themselves on the defensive, smear their reputations, and attack or intimidate their donors. […] As the director-general of [Israel’s] Strategic Affairs Ministry once acknowledged, “We are not fighting with facts. We’re not fighting by telling the truth.”

To read the entire piece, visit the FP website, HERE

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