VIDEO | Why are Palestinian Christians Leaving Jesus’ Birthplace?

Christmas in Manger Square, Bethlehem

Will you invest 12 minutes in a deeper understanding of the everyday realities facing the native Christians of Jesus’ homeland, particularly those of the Bethlehem region? Their numbers have been shrinking steadily over the past seven decades, and the reasons may not be self-evident.

Hint: It’s not due to persecution from their Muslim neighbors — that is a red herring and a mostly invented narrative, promulgated both by the State of Israel and, sadly, by many Western Evangelical Christians. In fact, all Arab Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza — Christian and Muslim alike — face the same basic existential challenges: Living as a state-less people, burdened under a 55-year-long belligerent military occupation (the UN’s term, not mine), and hemmed in since 2002 by a detestable Separation Barrier, with all the elements of control and creeping dispossession those conditions imply.

On-screen you’ll meet a young Palestinian theologian, an artisan and shopkeeper and other ordinary residents, the pastor of Bethlehem’s foremost Protestant church — and visitors from overseas who’ve dared to take an honest look behind The Wall and take to heart what they see there.

Also highlighted is the Nassar family and their 30-year ordeal to retain possession of their ancestral family farm a few miles southwest of Bethlehem. I’ve written before about the Nassars and their Tent of Nations project, and their perseverance and inspired creativity in the face of unimaginable state-sanctioned oppression.

Well, if you’re ready to invest, here are the 12 minutesCLICK HERE to view the video.

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As another Christmas dawns, Grace and Peace to all…

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