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UP-“DATED” | Finding “Methuselah” a Wife

Scientists await flowering of two 2,000-year-old female date palms. Object: Matrimony This story first arose several years ago, in 2005, with the sprouting of a 2,000-year-old date seed recovered archaeologically from Masada, the ancient fortress site near the Dead Sea. … Continue reading

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Awaiting You in Bethlehem: Banksy’s Quirky “Walled-Off Hotel”

I have a certain affinity for the absurd. Not absurdity for its own sake, mind you, but the kind that instructs and illuminates, that comments upon our world and helps us grapple with the harsh realities it confronts us with. … Continue reading

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5,000 Years of Jerusalem History–in Under 3 Minutes | VIDEO

OK, so there are a few gaps, and it’s a little short on details in places… BUT how would you do if presented with the same challenge? What would you include? More importantly, perhaps: What would you leave out? This … Continue reading

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Through the American Colony Lens: GRAF ZEPPELIN OVER JERUSALEM

The view here is looking eastward across the Old City, the vantage point a rooftop, or perhaps the city wall, in the Christian Quarter. The large gray dome (bottom) is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; beyond that the distinctive … Continue reading

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Jerusalem’s Ramadan Cannon, Then & Now

When a full moon rose dramatically over the Judean wilderness last evening, from my vantage point in Bethlehem, I was reminded that Ramadan 2013 was already half over! In my previous post on this topic, three years ago now, I hinted … Continue reading

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UPDATED | Saint Nicola of the North

CHRISTMAS EVE, 2011  / JERUSALEM When I saw this in Haaretz today — about Israel’s unofficial Santa Claus — it was irresistible. Just when I thought I’d heard it all… The brief article is reproduced in full below. Also, here’s a link to an … Continue reading

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Those Mysterious Marks in the City of David

Todd Bolen has tipped us off to a new find in the City of David which was publicized in the media earlier today. Todd’s blog post points to an Associated Press story which includes a couple of good photos — … Continue reading

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