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5,000 Years of Jerusalem History–in Under 3 Minutes | VIDEO

OK, so there are a few gaps, and it’s a little short on details in places… BUT how would you do if presented with the same challenge? What would you include? More importantly, perhaps: What would you leave out? This … Continue reading

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Through the American Colony Lens: GRAF ZEPPELIN OVER JERUSALEM

The view here is looking eastward across the Old City, the vantage point a rooftop, or perhaps the city wall, in the Christian Quarter. The large gray dome (bottom) is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; beyond that the distinctive … Continue reading

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Jerusalem’s Ramadan Cannon, Then & Now

When a full moon rose dramatically over the Judean wilderness last evening, from my vantage point in Bethlehem, I was reminded that Ramadan 2013 was already half over! In my previous post on this topic, three years ago now, I hinted … Continue reading

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Saint Nicola of the North

CHRISTMAS EVE, 2011  / JERUSALEM When I saw this in Haaretz today — about Israel’s unofficial Santa Claus — it was irresistible. Just when I thought I’d heard it all…  I’m so glad I left the WordPress snowflakes drifting through my web-pages (q.v.), even … Continue reading

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Those Mysterious Marks in the City of David

Todd Bolen has tipped us off to a new find in the City of David which was publicized in the media earlier today. Todd’s blog post points to an Associated Press story which includes a couple of good photos — … Continue reading

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Those weird holes at the Siloam Pool

Here’s a query that was bouncing around on a little Yahoo! forum I belong to, from the tour guide course which I was part of from 2005 to 2007: “Is there anything useful to tell people about the holes in the steps … Continue reading

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