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“Jerusalem Is Not Disneyland”– Despite serious objections, cable car crisscrossing Historic Basin forges ahead

UPDATED | Jerusalem cable car project passes over objections from many quarters Political interests drive tourism plan that would blight historic city’s skyline and bypass Palestinians by JONATHAN COOK /  13 May 2019 A proposed cable car project through occupied … Continue reading

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Through the American Colony Lens: A BRIEF WINDOW TO ANTIQUITY

The American Colony photographers were often documenting sites of biblical importance, at least the traditional places as they were then understood and being presented to pilgrims and tourists. They also captured on film, whether intentionally or more by chance, things … Continue reading

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UPDATE — Google launches Street View in Israel – PHOTOS

According a story in Haaretz a few days ago, Google Street View for certain locations in Israel formally launches on Sunday 22 April. My first impression is: Wow, that didn’t take long! The inauguration of the photographic project, when the ‘Google cars’ and … Continue reading

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Haaretz interview with archaeologist Ronny Reich

I was putting the finishing touches on this installment when I saw Todd Bolen’s post in my inbox pointing folks to a very interesting interview with antiquities collector Oded Golan published today in the “Week’s End” section of Haaretz. Noted also was … Continue reading

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UPDATE — Important Ruins in the City of David — PHOTOS and VIDEO

– NEW INFORMATION – Here is more on the Silwan community facilities that were destroyed, a largely US-funded project of the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA); the cafe and sports field had only very recently been completed. Amazingly, MECA has already … Continue reading

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Silwan Tunnel Collapse Site — VIDEO

Yesterday I passed along the Haaretz story about the partial collapse of an archaeological tunnel in Silwan, aka the City of David. The tunnel route, following an ancient paved plaza and stepped street, had been opened to the public earlier in … Continue reading

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Collapse of Silwan Tunnel Closes Recently-opened Underground Route

  The partial collapse Monday of an archaeological tunnel near the Siloam Pool has closed the underground tourist route opened earlier this year following a segment of a stepped, Herodian-period street. Despite the tunnel’s heavy framing (see photo), it is one of … Continue reading

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