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“Jerusalem Is Not Disneyland”– Despite serious objections, cable car crisscrossing Historic Basin forges ahead

UPDATED | Jerusalem cable car project passes over objections from many quarters Political interests drive tourism plan that would blight historic city’s skyline and bypass Palestinians by JONATHAN COOK /  13 May 2019 A proposed cable car project through occupied … Continue reading

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Current Excavations in Jerusalem’s Hinnom Valley – Part 2

After spotting the Mamluk aqueduct bridge remains on Sunday (09 May) I returned to the area the next day to take photographs and, walking down the Hinnom Valley from the Jaffa Gate area, saw yet another, much larger excavation area. This one I … Continue reading

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Current Excavations in Jerusalem’s Hinnom Valley

Jerusalem is a great place, for many reasons. For one thing, on a leisurely stroll home from church, it is not unusual to happen upon ancient remains peeking out from a deep trench, waiting to tell their story. That almost never happened … Continue reading

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