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Following the Road to Emmaus (before it’s too late)

It was the first Easter, two thousand years ago. Two confused, disheartened disciples are on their way out of Jerusalem, encounter a stranger on the road, and quickly find themselves as students in the infant Church’s first Sunday School class! — … Continue reading

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The Bridge That Never Was

The inspiration for this post is an image I was pointed to — several months ago now — by Rachel Lev of MuseumWorks, the lady who has been overseeing development of an on-site archive at Jerusalem’s American Colony Hotel. The materials involved … Continue reading

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Do Owls Bring Bad Luck? An ancient legend comes home to roost in modern Israel-Palestine

Thou ominous and fearful owl of death…                                 –Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 1 This post had an unusually long gestation period. It all started with a Haaretz article way back in August, … Continue reading

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