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PHOTOS | Surprising Finds Exposed on Franciscans’ Gethsemane Property

Across the busy street running in front of the Church of All Nations, a popular pilgrim site (in normal times, that is), a recent salvage excavation is providing yet another window into Jerusalem’s past. Not surprising, really, in a city … Continue reading

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Interview: 47 Minutes with Dr. Bart Ehrman

Our local Public Radio outlet just aired a wide-ranging interview with well-known New Testament scholar, professor, and author Bart Ehrman (the latest of five such features over the years — search the WUNC site). For some readers, Ehrman’s name may … Continue reading

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Following the Road to Emmaus (before it’s too late)

It was the first Easter, two thousand years ago. Two confused, disheartened disciples are on their way out of Jerusalem, encounter a stranger on the road, and quickly find themselves as students in the infant Church’s first Sunday School class! — … Continue reading

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Through the American Colony Lens: A BRIEF WINDOW TO ANTIQUITY

The American Colony photographers were often documenting sites of biblical importance, at least the traditional places as they were then understood and being presented to pilgrims and tourists. They also captured on film, whether intentionally or more by chance, things … Continue reading

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Do Owls Bring Bad Luck? An ancient legend comes home to roost in modern Israel-Palestine

Thou ominous and fearful owl of death…                                 –Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 1 This post had an unusually long gestation period. It all started with a Haaretz article way back in August, … Continue reading

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My Fifteen Minutes (seconds?) of Fame: Following the ‘Alexander son of Simon’ Ossuary

Note that I have just made two new postings to “My Articles” regarding an intriguing artefact found many  years ago here in Jerusalem, the ‘Alexander Son of Simon’ Ossuary. The articles are not actually “new” — one first appeared in 2002 and the … Continue reading

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UPDATED : The latest “synagogue” at Magdala

This started as a “comment” on Todd Bolen’s 17 June 2010 post at with welcome news of the renewed excavations at what is believed to be NT Magdala, the excavators’ call for volunteers, and the offer of free room and board, which … Continue reading

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