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UP-“DATED” | Finding “Methuselah” a Wife

Scientists await flowering of two 2,000-year-old female date palms. Object: Matrimony This story first arose several years ago, in 2005, with the sprouting of a 2,000-year-old date seed recovered archaeologically from Masada, the ancient fortress site near the Dead Sea. … Continue reading

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Through the American Colony Lens: A TREE FIT FOR A PRINCE

I FIRST ENCOUNTERED this image while helping with a publication project of American Colony/Eric Matson photographs several years ago. Asked to write background notes for hundreds of Jerusalem pictures, I at first could only scratch my head over this one, … Continue reading

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Do Owls Bring Bad Luck? An ancient legend comes home to roost in modern Israel-Palestine

Thou ominous and fearful owl of death…                                 –Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 1 This post had an unusually long gestation period. It all started with a Haaretz article way back in August, … Continue reading

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2,000-year-old Israeli date palm trumped by a 32,000-year-old Russian flower?

One wonders if there is a Guiness Book category for this: the oldest recovered plant material to be successfully germinated, sprouted or otherwise regenerated to produce a new, viable plant. In any event, for the last few years the title has been securely held … Continue reading

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