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Friday LIVESTREAM: “Reframing the Discourse on Israel/Palestine”

Friday April 5th is an opportunity to learn and be challenged via a major symposium — hosted by the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, chaired by award-winning journalist Sandy Tolan, and assembling a wide-ranging slate of scholars, journalists … Continue reading

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VIDEO | Israeli Journalist Says “It’s Time to Tell the Truth”

Those are the words of commentator and Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy speaking from Tel Aviv a few days ago. They came in the wake of the recent comments of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), followed by a flurry of media blather and … Continue reading

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When Jews Act Like Nazis: Israel’s ‘Alt-Right’ is alive and well

Independent journalist Jonathan Cook highlights what is not a new phenomenon at all but has simply re-emerged in recent years under a new flag and different leadership. With Israel’s mainstream political discourse taking on an ever more fascist tone, such groups … Continue reading

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VIDEO | The ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ of Israel’s Citizenship Laws: 7 minutes with Jonathan Cook

In this short video segment, Nazareth-based journalist, author and guide Jonathan Cook helps us understand the history and legally entrenched intricacies of “citizenship” within the state of Israel, vis-a-vis Jews worldwide, Arab-Israeli citizens, and the stateless Palestinians of the Occupied … Continue reading

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Navigating the Treacherous Cross-Currents of Blogging (about Israel-Palestine)

Commentator Robert Cohen grapples with the unintended fallout of publishing his views about what goes on in this tiny, yet troubled, corner of the globe. He’s especially bothered by the unwelcome, hateful, and sometimes downright scary reader comments that seem … Continue reading

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