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UPDATED | Global gang, led by [the usual suspects] have their knees on the neck of international human rights law.

It. Can’t. Breathe… UPDATE / FEB. 2021 The international Criminal Court (ICC) has ruled that it has jurisdiction over the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip — territories under Israeli occupation since 1967. This opens the path … Continue reading

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Journey through a fractured landscape

The latest offering from independent journalist and author Sandy Tolan, as published on the Mondoweiss web-site. Tolan relates the gritty realities he experienced on a recent foray into the Israeli Occupied  West Bank, plus some of what he’s learned from … Continue reading

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Who Gets Your Tax Dollars For Their Military?

Originally posted on Zwinglius Redivivus:
via You read that correctly. Israel gets over half of all the money the US flushes down the toilet of the military/industrial complex. Christian Zionists are complicit in this horrific misuse of American money through…

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Justice for Biram and Iqrit: A right-wing ideologue gets it (almost) right

I seldom subject myself to the offerings of commentator Moshe Arens when they appear periodically in Haaretz newspaper: Heartburn. He’s the sort of columnist — like peace-nik Gershon Baskin in the Jerusalem Post — invited in on occasion to demonstrate the … Continue reading

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In spite of everything, this gives me hope…

Originally posted on One Mean Little Country:
Israeli youth view the film “Five Broken Cameras”: CLICK HERE or on the LINK You can help support the project.

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The Artist Wore Size 9: The case of the remarkable Lod mosaic

No, it’s not a murder mystery, but the story does involve some fancy detective work. And it’s not fiction at all, but completely real… An article in today’s Haaretz (excerpts below) unfolds bits of such scientific sleuthing as it traces recent developments in the life of the astounding Lod mosaic … Continue reading

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Clean-up at Hezekiah’s Pool, Part 2 — NEW PHOTOS

Since my previous post on this project, on 16 June 2011, much has transpired: They’re actually doing it, and have DONE it! On 07 July I had occasion to view the pool from the south, from the roof of the Swedish … Continue reading

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