In Search of the ‘Alexander son of Simon’ Ossuary (2 articles)

For the ‘back-story’ on how these articles evolved, see my post (July 2010), “My Fifteen Minutes (seconds?) of Fame: Following the ‘Alexander son of Simon’ Ossuary



Alexander Simon ossuary - back_inscription


A ‘Simon of Cyrene’ in Jerusalem: An Ossuary’s Story (2002)

My original article exploring the mysteries of a 1st century burial chest uncovered in Jerusalem many decades ago and bearing names we know from the New Testament!  It was first published in the USA-based digest Artifax (Autumn 2002), and another version appeared in Biblical Archaeology Review in their July-August 2003 issue. (PDF file)


A Second Look at the ‘Alexander Son of Simon’ Ossuary (2006)

My follow-up article, as published on-line by BAR in 2006, which first re-caps the earlier print article and then proceeds to look at several additional aspects of this fascinating object, with some surprising conclusions. (PDF file, from HTML)


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