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Leftist Israeli Journalist Confesses: “I Finance Terrorism”

The fearless Amira Hass and other writers for the Haaretz newspaper — along with Uri Avnery, Jonathan Cook and others of their ilk — were critical in shaping my political awareness during my sojourn in that land. Haas is still … Continue reading

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Yes, It’s a War

When violence flares in the land that was my home home for so many years, it’s distressing, of course, and not always easy for people to fathom. But the truth is: the violence is there perennially, underneath most people’s radar, … Continue reading

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People Planting Trees: Two stories in remarkable mirror image — PHOTOS & VIDEO

Sometimes it pays to wait before firing off a post. After awhile, something may just come along that turns your story upside down. Or inside out. Such is the case here. Or, some may say the two simply cancel each other out, but … Continue reading

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