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UPDATED The Aqueducts of Bethlehem: An interactive map

The purpose of this brief post is to point folks — any who may resonate to such minutiae — to a custom map which I have assembled. It focuses on remnants of the ancient Upper and Lower Aqueducts of Jerusalem, … Continue reading

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Clean-up / fix-up time at Hezekiah’s Pool

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported today that a project is underway to remove centuries of accumulated debris from the Old City’s ancient Hezekiah’s Pool, a site few visitors to Jerusalem (and many residents, I suspect) are even aware of, since … Continue reading

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Jerusalem’s Ancient Aqueduct System: Another Piece of the Puzzle

This is not exactly news — it is something that I discovered serendipitously a couple of years ago — but it’s new enough that it was not included in my ca. 2007 article on this topic, which I have now updated (and … Continue reading

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Current Excavations in Jerusalem’s Hinnom Valley

Jerusalem is a great place, for many reasons. For one thing, on a leisurely stroll home from church, it is not unusual to happen upon ancient remains peeking out from a deep trench, waiting to tell their story. That almost never happened … Continue reading

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Excavations Inside Jaffa Gate – Part 2

If I belived in things like “a previous life”, I’d be tempted to think I was once Conrad Schick, the German explorer, missionary and architect (among other things) who, as a Jerusalem fixture for over 50 years, was predisposed to … Continue reading

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