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Justice for Biram and Iqrit: A right-wing ideologue gets it (almost) right

I seldom subject myself to the offerings of commentator Moshe Arens when they appear periodically in Haaretz newspaper: Heartburn. He’s the sort of columnist — like peace-nik Gershon Baskin in the Jerusalem Post — invited in on occasion to demonstrate the … Continue reading

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Deck the Halls, Ring in the New. Or not…

Another straight-shooting piece by Nazareth-based journalist Jonathan Cook. It is reproduced below in full (including links to sources), without comment. The article is found on-line at Cook’s web-site HERE. <> <> <> The terror lurking in a Christmas tree Israel … Continue reading

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The Historic Valley Railway featured on a new Israeli stamp

This post began with a tiny postage stamp  — and then began to grow, finally encompassing bits of biblical history, the roll-out of a new interpretive center, and a major rail infrastructure project just getting underway here in Israel — plus links to … Continue reading

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Galilee ‘Trail Wars’ heat up — “Jesus” vs. “Gospel”

Much has already been written about the two Christian-oriented hiking routes through the Lower Galilee, one a private initiative and the other a project of the Israeli government, both starting (at different points) in Nazareth and ending at Capernaum, and … Continue reading

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Sea of Galilee Fishing Ban, Long Postponed, Now Scaled Back

A Haaretz article this week explained that the ban on commercial fishing in the Sea of Galilee, which was to have been imposed nearly a year ago in response to an alarming decline in fish stocks, was never actually implemented. Moreover, a … Continue reading

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UPDATED Visiting the Current Excavations at Magdala

I had occasion to visit Jerusalem’s Notre Dame Center the other day and received some information on the current status of the excavations at Magdala, particularly how one might arrange a visit to the site. The Notre Dame connection comes from … Continue reading

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