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The Bridge That Never Was

The inspiration for this post is an image I was pointed to — several months ago now — by Rachel Lev of MuseumWorks, the lady who has been overseeing development of an on-site archive at Jerusalem’s American Colony Hotel. The materials involved … Continue reading

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“Why Jerusalem Was Central to Mohammed” [plus a BONUS feature]

Would you be surprised to learn that the first Muslims, during the lifetime of Mohammed — before they ever prayed toward Mecca — were instructed by the Prophet to face in the direction of Jerusalem? Or that they referred to … Continue reading

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The Disappearing Dome of the Rock

No, it’s not an elaborate stunt produced for a David Copperfield TV special (is he still around, anyway?). This slight-of-hand was carried out by the rabbinate of the Israeli Army (IDF) who, in illustrating a booklet about Chanukkah observance, found the … Continue reading

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Up to the Temple Mount: Newly-Opened Section of Jerusalem’s Ancient Sewer — NEW PHOTOS

For the “big picture” on this entire underground route, please refer to my previous post from several weeks ago, which documented the section of the same system beginning at the Siloam Pool and running northward to the Givati Parking Lot … Continue reading

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The Man Who Wanted to Blow Up the Dome of the Rock

He was surely not the first man to harbor such a thought, nor will he be the last. (Did you ever wonder why there’s such tight Israeli security for all non-Muslim visitors, Jewish or otherwise, ascending to the Haram al-Sharif/ Temple Mount … Continue reading

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Silwan, the City of David, and the Emek Shaveh organization: a discussion

My previous post on this topic (q.v.) several days ago elicited the following comment, which I thought deserved a reasoned response (at some length, as it turns out). Again, please read the previous post first, or you won’t “get” this … Continue reading

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Beneath (and around) the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount): Some 19th century views

Here are four wonderful depictions of areas situated around and underneath the Herodian Temple Mount. They are by the British artist William “Crimea” Simpson who, after gaining fame documenting that conflict, took up with the Palestine Exploration Fund on their … Continue reading

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