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UPDATED The Aqueducts of Bethlehem: An interactive map

The purpose of this brief post is to point folks — any who may resonate to such minutiae — to a custom map which I have assembled. It focuses on remnants of the ancient Upper and Lower Aqueducts of Jerusalem, … Continue reading

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“Good luck on your resurrection!” : The World of Ancient Jewish Tomb Graffiti

An interesting story appears on the NPR web-site this morning, dealing with the little-known world of funerary graffiti found in Jewish tombs of  Roman-era Palestine. One particular focus is the great necropolis at Bet Shear’im, but parts of that cemetery … Continue reading

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Roman Bath-house in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter: The Video

The IAA recently announced the discovery, in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, of a pool connected with a Roman military bath-house of the 10th Legion. Like so many such press releases (which are often deliberately vague as to location) it left me wondering … Continue reading

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