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Through the American Colony Lens: A BRIEF WINDOW TO ANTIQUITY

The American Colony photographers were often documenting sites of biblical importance, at least the traditional places as they were then understood and being presented to pilgrims and tourists. They also captured on film, whether intentionally or more by chance, things … Continue reading

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Collapse of Silwan Tunnel Closes Recently-opened Underground Route

  The partial collapse Monday of an archaeological tunnel near the Siloam Pool has closed the underground tourist route opened earlier this year following a segment of a stepped, Herodian-period street. Despite the tunnel’s heavy framing (see photo), it is one of … Continue reading

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Those weird holes at the Siloam Pool

Here’s a query that was bouncing around on a little Yahoo! forum I belong to, from the tour guide course which I was part of from 2005 to 2007: “Is there anything useful to tell people about the holes in the steps … Continue reading

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