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New Section of Herodian Channel opens in City of David (Silwan) — PHOTOS

*NOTE:  Live and learn. Since making this post I have become aware that this stretch of drainage channel apparently originated in the Hasmonean period, before Herod. It remained in use through the Herodian period (and probably later ones), however, so … Continue reading

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Is Israeli Archaeology an “Old Boys’ Club”?

In a follow-up interview in Tuesday’s Haaretz newspaper, Benjamin Kedar, outgoing chairman of the IAA Board of Directors responds to this query, and weighs in on a host of other issues impacting archaeological thinking and practice in Israel (and Israeli-occupied East … Continue reading

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Silwan, the City of David, and the Emek Shaveh organization: a discussion

My previous post on this topic (q.v.) several days ago elicited the following comment, which I thought deserved a reasoned response (at some length, as it turns out). Again, please read the previous post first, or you won’t “get” this … Continue reading

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A Free, Downloadable Booklet (if you dare)

The City of David, the narrow spur of land extending southward from the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount), represents — if the experts are correct — the original settled core of ancient Jerusalem, and for that reason it is hugely important to the disciplines … Continue reading

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