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Why Ending All U.S. Aid to the Palestinians Is a Bad Idea

In an opinion piece published on the NPR web-site, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, joined by a fellow expert in international relations, try lending some nuance to the issue of U.S. aid — humanitarian, development, and security assistance — … Continue reading

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The Hijacking of America: An Engaging but Impossible Tale

WHAT IS IT about dystopian political thrillers that we find so compelling? You know, the stories depicting the descent of civilized, democratic societies into darkness, laced with themes of brainwashing, thought police, and the suppression of individual freedoms… Could it … Continue reading

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UPDATED | This Always Makes America’s Political Leadership Lose Their Senses | VIDEO

I know — LOTS of things do! Like the accrual of power and influence, the smell of money — big money, and of course the fear of not being re-elected. But this thing is unimaginably powerful. It’s strong enough to … Continue reading

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