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Temple Discourse Within Present-day Israeli Society: A Reflection on Tisha B’Av

  Here’s a thought provoking offering from Yudith Oppenheimer, Executive Director of the Jerusalem-based Ir-Amim organization, on the occasion of Tisha B’Av, when Jews worldwide remember the loss of their historic temples. She writes in part: Post-Temple Judaism managed, for the … Continue reading

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How Does Israel Get Away With It?

The thoughts of a veteran Jewish-Israeli activist on “Security Politics”, Israel’s “Matrix of Control”, BDS, the one state/two state debate, and more… Jeff Halper is the co-founder and long-time director of the Jerusalem-based Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). In … Continue reading

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Netanyahu 101

Netanyahu will lie, cheat, repudiate himself, raise false flags – all for the purpose of achieving his one and only real goal, the Rock of our Existence (as he loves to say), the heritage of his father – the Jewish State from the sea to the river. Continue reading

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