I lived in Israel/Palestine during the years 1999 to 2013, experiencing the Land and its people and learning all I could about that unique place!  As a volunteer, guide and researcher-writer, I loved sharing with visitors and others its diverse wonders: the rich history, archaeology, natural beauty, and Biblical connections– all embedded within the crosscurrents of culture and the gritty realities of conflicting human aspirations in a shared land.

In October 2013 I returned to the USA, more or less permanently. I am still willing to consider guiding engagements–but you will have to cover my airfare from North Carolina and lodging, meals and ground transport in the Holy Land!

I continue to post here occasionally, under the title “View from Jerusalem”, for a very simple reason: Part of me will always be there!

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  1. Alison Bardrick says:

    I wanted to say that your story about the 2,000-year-old Judean Date Palm (“Methuselah”) and the 32,000-year-old Russian campion was much easier reading than “Wind turbines and solar panels, lambs, cisterns and peasant shacks: The destructive Mania of the Occupation”. Your articles are interesting. I like [the “easy” ones], but the other stories need telling too, and you do it well.

    • Outremer says:

      Alison: Wow, many thanks for your comments — finally somebody “gets it”! Really, I have never encountered another web-log that attempts to combine the two seemingly disparate elements: ancient/ biblical/ archaeological perspectives alongside a window into modern history, society and politics. It’s tricky, and I’m sure I’ve given several people heartburn along the way. In any event, there are indeed many compelling stories emanating from this land, all worthy of being told. Thanks again. (tp)

  2. Hala says:

    How have you been allowed to live in Israel since 1999? I thought the maximum one could stay is 3 months unless you have a work permit , and you only get a permit if you do not criticise it’s Zionist policy, land theft and settlements. Have I been misled ?

    • Outremer says:

      You know, I find it all rather amazing myself!

      Since you freely acknowledge Israel’s 65-year policy of “land theft”, I think you have not been mis-led. BUT, lots of other people HAVE been… and that’s why I have to criticize!

      I know, you’re asking how I managed to keep a visa all these years (by the way, “tourist” and “work” are only two of several kinds). I will simply say that it is to Israel’s credit that my applications were seemingly never vetted by the thought police — I assume they have bigger fish to fry — although this does happen.


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