Meet the People Promoting the Latest (Last?) Great Heresy of the Church

Or if “heresy” is not really part of your vocabulary, then think: Idolatry. Or, if your world-view falls outside any religious framework, just consider it a troubling delusion held by millions of your fellow citizens. However you categorize it, this phenomenon is dangerously distorting American foreign policy, inciting conflict, and blindly denying the human rights, and human worth, of an entire people half a world away. (Perhaps surprisingly, the documentary featured here was produced with the assistance of, inter alia, the Israel Film Council, Israel’s Public Broadcasting Corporation, and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport.) In any event, view the thought-provoking film (free) HERE:


(NOTE: The above listing could change without notice. Regardless, the film definitely is out there, including on paid streaming sites.)

Then, for some informed discussions of this film by panels of experts (recorded webinar sessions), SEE one or more of the following:

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