Jerusalem’s Ancient Aqueduct System

Solomon's Pools

Jerusalem’s Ancient Aqueduct System

A preserved aqueduct segment opposite the Old City walls serves as the reference point for an overview of Jerusalem’s water supply network, an intricate and mostly forgotten marvel of ancient engineering. Illustrated with diagrams, maps and photos.  (PDF file)



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4 Responses to Jerusalem’s Ancient Aqueduct System

  1. Brandon Garis says:

    Are you aware of any current plans to restore to a functional state of the Solomon’s Pools and Jerusalem Aqueduct system? Who would be the best contacts for this project and do you think it is possible if funding was avilible?

    Thank you and with warm regards,
    Brandon Garis

    • Outremer says:

      There are no plans to do this, to my knowledge. It would take an unimaginably huge outlay of funds to restore/recreate this system, Indeed, it is virtually impossible, since very little of the various channels still exist, having been erased by modern roads, housing, and other development. (The Pools themselves plus the upper feeder aqueduct (Biyyur) seem to be the best preserved parts of the system.) Even if it were possible, though interesting, it would never be more than a historical curiosity, as modern Jerusalem’s massive water needs have been met from other sources (pumped up from the center of the country) since the early 20th century.

  2. Maria C Monteleone says:

    Thank you for the information; I am currently studying the Byzantine aqueduct in Instanbul and it is useful to compare with other sites in the eastern Mediterranean.
    Maria C Monteleone

    • Outremer says:

      Maria: I’m glad you found the article instructive. I visited Istanbul several years ago and remember the arched, high level aqueduct under which the modern road passes, also the cavernous cistern with its forest of columns near the ancient city center. All the best in your studies!
      TOM POWERS / Waynesville, NC

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