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[NOTE:  This page is displayed for “old times’ sake” — As of Oct. 2013, I have returned to the USA and am no longer guiding. -tp]


  • Private guiding for individuals, families and small groups.

  • Itineraries tailored to your needs, time-frame, and special interests.

  • See the country the way you want to, and at your own pace!

Even if you’ve visited the Holy Land before — especially if you’ve experienced only the typical rushed and regimented group tour — as a private, free-lance guide, I can offer you something very different and far more satisfying.

AND, if you’ve never thought of traveling here at all… Think again!


 Some comments from others…

“Thanks so much for the great couple of days in Palestine. We truly appreciated your service and all the companionship. We will highly recommend you to our friends here who may one day want a similar experience when they travel to Israel.”

Peter Johnson & Family / Chicago, IL

“I cannot thank you enough for a truly wonderful week. I came back from Jerusalem utterly inspired and that was largely thanks to you… I felt that I managed to achieve in a week what would normally take a month.”

Rev. James Atwell / Dean of Winchester Cathedral (UK)

“Tom, Luke and myself were amazed with your depth of knowledge and the reverent love you had for Israel. You saved us so much time and money in mapping out our objectives and filling the days with sites and history. My Bible has come alive to me with visual references since. Thank you for all you did.”

Craig Pruscha & Luke Dye / Wisconsin, USA

Masada DEC 2012

PHOTO: Peter Johnson


“I absolutely cannot thank you enough for the scholarship and true kindness you showed me during my brief visit to Jerusalem … On several levels, you have made a positive impact on my life — and that is a rarity for me…”

Robert Clowers / Little Rock, Ark. USA

“Thank you for all your great tours and hanging out with us crazy people from the U.S.  You made Scripture come to life with your descriptions and explanations.”

Gayle Heffernan / New Jersey, USA

Tom at Herodium_Dawn McDuffy_crop“Thanks so much for your assistance on our Israel trip.  We had an awesome time!  Our time in Jerusalem would not have been as profitable or as enlightening if you had not been showing us around, and we are grateful for all your efforts on our behalf … If we ever come back again, we’ll be looking you up!”

Rev. Bill Mattox / Madison, WI



“We are still enjoying our trip so much, and still trying to comprehend and digest it all …  It was just awesome and your knowledge and kindness was what made it complete …  Again, thanks so much for your graciousness and patience with us all.  It was a dream trip come true.”

Carolyn & Hollis Hutchins / Ponder, TX

PHOTO: Peter Johnson

PHOTO: Peter Johnson


“You have helped make our stay in Israel wonderful beyond our imagination. Your attention to detail and your tremendous knowledge  and obvious love of your adopted home made for a wonderful tour.

When I look back at the photos and videos, I will always consider it one of the highlights of my life, and it’s more meaningful now than ever… Thank you again for being such an awesome tour guide.”

Brad & Toni Mikel / Parker, CO

“Another delightful trip under your guidance … We appreciate the preparation that went into making our trip so insightful and interesting.”

Joe Anderson & Family / Raleigh, NC

Tom in OLd City CROP


“My friend Tom Powers is something of an independent scholar… a trained tour guide living in Israel, and his knowledge is voluminous.  I could relate some anecdotes to illustrate that, but I’ll suffice with saying that I’m happy to recommend both his articles and his guiding.”

Teacher & photographer Todd Bolen of (full comment here)


Tom at Tel Balata Shechem_crop

Photo: Luke Chandler

“I had a free day during my recent Israel trip and wanted to visit biblical sites in the West Bank. For several reasons it was wise to go with someone who knew the area well. A trusted recommendation led me to Tom Powers, an American who has lived in Israel for the past 14 years.  I made arrangements with Tom and had a fantastic day… His explanations brought things to life. Alas, I only had one day to work with but Tom helped me make excellent use of it. Knowledge of the land, history, biblical connections, modern food stops, and driving routes is valuable. I could not have seen or done nearly as much on my own.”

Luke Chandler / Temple Terrace, FL (full comment HERE)




Tom guiding_Dawn McDuffy




Cardo Cat-1

WEB EXCLUSIVE (VIDEO): For reading this page to the end, enjoy (?) 10 minutes with me in the First Temple-period tombs at Jerusalem’s Ecole Biblique.