Conrad Schick & Tabor House

Conrad SchickConrad Schick & Tabor House

A glimpse at one of 19th-century Jerusalem’s more colorful characters, the German missionary, architect and explorer Conrad Schick, and the unique house he built on Prophets Street.  PDF file.

Tabor House on Prophets Street


3 Responses to Conrad Schick & Tabor House

  1. Frank Adam says:

    I shall be in Jerusalem on the 4th and 5th of May – so how do I arrange to visit the Schick collection of models and other objects in the Schmidt School’s building ?

  2. Outremer says:

    Frank, thanks for your query. It’s quite simple: Just show up at the Schmidt School compound at the foot of Nablus Road, opposite Damascus Gate. You will probably have to buzz at the gate and request entry. The school shares the compound with the guesthouse, Paulus House — you are interested in the latter, which is to the right inside the gate. Just go to the reception desk inside and ask to visit the models and museum area, which are downstairs. There is some modest charge, which I think includes the rooftop viewpoints (highly recommended).

    You may also be interested in the fine Schick model of the Temple Mount refurbished and installed in recent years at Christ Church inside Jaffa Gate. It is also possible to visit Tabor House: In Jerusalem, phone them at (02) 625-3822 to check on their (limited) visiting hours, or e-mail:

    Happy hunting!

    TOM POWERS / Waynesville, NC

  3. Outremer says:

    – Schick was born in the town of Bitz in southern Germany, not in Switzerland.
    – Another important structure designed by Schick was the German Deaconesses Hospital at the corner of Straus and Prophets Streets in Jerusalem. It survives and is still in use today as part of the Bikur Holim Hospital.

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