About this site’s ‘header’ image

The image appearing at the top of many of these pages is cropped from a larger photo of mine which I was honored to have used on the cover of Biblical Archaeology Review’s special 200th issue (2009). It captures an unusual view of the Old City — and beyond — looking southeast, showing Damascus Gate, Jerusalem’s “front door” since the time of Hadrian, and the Dome of the Rock, the city’s chief visual trademark for the past 1300 years; ascending to the left are the southern slopes of the Mount of Olives.

However, when I climbed to my vantage point to get this shot, the roof of a hostel on Prophets’ Street, I was completely surprised by the dramatic backdrop that appeared as an “extra”:  It was the mountains of Moab, some 30 miles distant in modern-day Jordan, glowing pinkish-purple in the late afternoon sun of what I recall was an unusually fine November day! Despite having lived here for a number of years, I had simply never seen the Holy City — and the world beyond — from that perspective…

I am indebted to my friend Todd Bolen of www.BiblePlaces.com for enhancing the image and licensing it to BAR. By the way, the BAR caption writer identified the mountains as “the auburn hills of the Judean Desert” — They should have asked!

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