VIDEO | The ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ of Israel’s Citizenship Laws: 7 minutes with Jonathan Cook

In this short video segment, Nazareth-based journalist, author and guide Jonathan Cook helps us understand the history and legally entrenched intricacies of “citizenship” within the state of Israel, vis-a-vis Jews worldwide, Arab-Israeli citizens, and the stateless Palestinians of the Occupied Territories.

Drawing partly on his own personal journey — he’s a British national who married an Arab-Israeli citizen and finally, despite many roadblocks, gained Israeli citizenship —  Cook unravels some of the profound, institutionalized inequalities embedded within Israeli “democracy”.


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How Israel Robs Palestinians of Citizenship / SEPT 2017

Cook documents a vast, ongoing campaign systematically revoking the citizenship of Palestinians. Targeting mostly the Bedouin, one of Israel’s most vulnerable and under-served communities, this dark policy contravenes not only international humanitarian law but Israel’s own laws — and the victims are not even notified of the action until it’s too late…

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Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel – but only if you’re Jewish” / OCT 2017

Cook addresses the complicity of western states in allowing racist employment advertisements to be published and racist recruitment meetings to be held on their own soil. It all happens under the cover of code-words, and not a word is ever said about it. Israel frequently hollers about being “singled out”, but it’s almost always to their benefit–and they take full advantage of it.

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