VIDEO | The ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ of Israel’s Citizenship Laws: 7 minutes with Jonathan Cook

In this short video segment, Nazareth-based journalist, author and guide Jonathan Cook helps us understand the history and legally entrenched intricacies of “citizenship” within the state of Israel, vis-a-vis Jews worldwide, Arab-Israeli citizens, and the stateless Palestinians of the Occupied Territories.

Drawing partly on his own personal journey — he’s a British national who married an Arab-Israeli citizen and finally, despite many roadblocks, gained Israeli citizenship —  Cook unravels some of the profound, institutionalized inequalities embedded within Israeli “democracy”.


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How Israel Robs Palestinians of Citizenship / SEPT 2017

Cook documents a vast, ongoing campaign systematically revoking the citizenship of Palestinians. Targeting mostly the Bedouin, one of Israel’s most vulnerable and under-served communities, this dark policy contravenes not only international humanitarian law but Israel’s own laws — and the victims are not even notified of the action until it’s too late…

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