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Military authorities defy High Court, resume building Apartheid Wall at Cremisan

This is very much a follow-up to my previous post (q.v.) less than five months ago, whose celebratory tone has proved premature. It now appears that the Israeli military authorities have decided to ignore an April ruling by the nation’s High … Continue reading

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UPDATED | Cremisan: final verdict says ‘no’ to the wall

Sometimes, in the context of their ongoing dispossession of the Palestinian people, the State of Israel–despite itself–actually manages to do something good. All too often, it simply means not doing something bad that they were planning to do. And, when … Continue reading

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Akiva Eldar: A Jewish-Israeli Voice Worth Listening To

In the final installment of his long-running Haaretz column, “Border Control”, journalist Akiva Eldar paints a nuanced picture of decent, peace-loving people — and there are many, both Israeli and Palestinian — caught together in the pernicious web of The … Continue reading

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UPDATE — Google launches Street View in Israel – PHOTOS

According a story in Haaretz a few days ago, Google Street View for certain locations in Israel formally launches on Sunday 22 April. My first impression is: Wow, that didn’t take long! The inauguration of the photographic project, when the ‘Google cars’ and … Continue reading

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